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    We are delighted to have you visit us here. You will find here more details about our direct non-shared door to door transportation service to and from the Richmond region as well as a few other areas we often go. Please call us if you are wanting to be picked up outside of Richmond going somewhere other than Richmond as we consider all opportunities for your business. Picking up at some airports may cost $15 more than being dropped off to help cover wait time costs for delayed flights, time needed for clearing Customs when applicable and or any airport fees charged to us in the process of picking you up. Currently this fee primarily applies for pick ups at Washington Dulles Airport and we will advise you if the fee applies when making your reservation with us. If you need a document or package delivered, we are happy to help with our door to door direct on time car service as well. We are willing to go to and from most locations. Our regular rates are $2.50 a mile, so you can see we offer the best long distance discounts available, generally about 33% off the standard rates offering you the most value possible. The discounts get even bigger with our special new promotion going on now provided terms are met. We have both cars and vans with the vans only slightly higher in price to help cover the extra fuel and additional maintenance. We promise our prices will be the best in the area and we will beat any price you can find for comparable service or we will pay up to $100 toward your long distance transportation if we are not giving you both the best price and best value. Please be sure to read about our new special offer below and how you can reserve a sedan or van guaranteed cheaper than Uber or Lyft even when there not charging you a surcharge!


    We gladly accept VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER and good ole American Cash. There is an extra incentive when paying with cash as that allow us to give you an even better price when you help us save on our expenses. Receipts are always available for paying with cash or credit card. Reservations are highly recommended as we have found over time that many folks like to go places near the same times or on the same dates. By reserving early, you guarantee your ride with us and also allow us to help you reserve with other drivers among our network who are willing to match our prices if we are all ready reserved.


    You'll find many across the internet, so we are posting a review from our profile listed at the Better Business Bureau. We are the longest standing continuous accredited taxi company in Richmond since 2009. 


            "I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of service provided from Gentleman Taxi and Chester Express. They have a competitive flat rate on service between Dulles Airport and Richmond International. The driver and the owner were both very friendly and communicative- confirming the booking prior to the pick-up day, and then again in contact on the day of service. They were even kind enough to wait hours during flight delay. I would recommend this company for shuttle service between Washington and Richmond."



Our top priority is to our passengers who are paying the regular discounted flat rates to Dulles or Reagan and guarantee a spot in advance on our schedule. These prices make it so we can maintain our level of service by paying top mechanics, full coverage commercial insurance, fuel and other expenses that come with daily operations. We have always made it possible that our vans always cost considerably less than Uber or Lyft without any additional specials or offers as we have always and continue to beat their best price. However, not everyone always needs a van, especially when it is 1 to 3 passengers. We know that there are those who want the one on one service and the assurances we offer above and beyond rideshare, but want a cheaper price. We are making a way for that to happen. We have decided to lower our price for sedan service and will be $10 or more below any other service including Uber and Lyft provided the following conditions are met as noted below. 

Your price will be determined by being $10 below whatever Uber or Lyft's published rate is online at time of booking by using their fare estimator online. NO booking fees, surcharges, tolls or any other fee that Uber and Lyft would normally add will be added to your rate. Anytime our regular discounted rates are all ready cheaper than theirs, you will get the lowest price from us. Terms apply.


- Reduced rate only applies for trips going TO Dulles or Reagan Airport. Does not apply for pick ups from Dulles or Reagan Airports. Offer will be available seven days a week including holidays during most hours. This special reduced promotion is not available when commuter rush hour is expected during early AM hours as that generally adds another hour or more to the trip. For example, a 2 or 3 AM departure would not be available for this rate. However, our normal discounted rates are still available at all times and can be reserved anytime. Remember that travel to airports days before and after major holidays are generally reserved far in advance and availability may be none or slim depending on reservations all ready in place.

- Can not be reserved more than 24 hours in advance of requested pickup time. Since this is a heavily discounted rate, priority is given first to our passengers paying the regular discounted rates who book before 24 hours.

-There may be limited or no availability on some days if there are reservations all ready made more than 24 hours in advance. We are a small business.

- Once reserved your rate and trip is guaranteed by us and will not change. You will be taken the entire route to Dulles or Regan Airports with our direct one on one door to door transportation. You will not be dropped off in Fredericksburg or any other location outside your final destination airport and asked to call for another ride as we have been told by some of Uber's previous customers who ride with us now. 

-Your rate will be billed to your credit card at time of reservation. If you wish to tip the driver you can add it to the rate at time of booking or tip the driver directly in cash. No refunds unless your plane's flight is cancelled or in case of an unexpected vehicle problem on our end that we would have to cancel the trip for safety issues or for the vehicle being inoperable. NO OTHER EXCEPTIONS will be allowed. We will do our best to accommodate later flight departures for unexpected flight delays as long as there is availability on our schedule and hours available by the driver as required by law. Otherwise, you will be required to leave at the original requested departure time.

-This special only applies to sedans as our vans are all ready at a regular discounted rate that is generally $30  - $40 or more below Uber or Lyft's regular rates and can be reserved anytime in advance.

- We will consider long distance service to other destinations at prices less than Uber and Lyft, but not more than 24 hours in advance. Vans again can be reserved anytime as our discounted rates are all ready cheaper generally for vans without any  promotion needed. Long distance is defined as outside the city of Richmond and three surrounding counties and more than 35 miles one way. Rates are controlled by law in the Richmond Metro Area and we (like all licensed taxis in Richmond) are required to charge the exact same with no minimum charge for travel inside the region.

- Insurance claims and medical transportation and other third party payers are not eligible. Payment of services must be made by parties receiving our services.


WE WILL guarantee  with up to $100 toward your ride if you can find a better deal than what we offer for comparable service. NO tiny cars, NO surge pricing, NO booking fees. We do provide... police background checked drivers, police safety inspected vehicles, fingerprinted drivers, drivers subject to random drug testing and drivers who are full time supporting their livelihood and families by taking great pride in having the knowledge that comes from experience in getting you to your destination safely, on time and out of the most traffic gridlock. When it comes to long distances, we guarantee the best rates in the area or we'll pay up to $100 towards your transportation if we don't match or beat the price for the same comparable service. With the exception of the on going NEW PROMO to Dulles and Reagan Airports, Uber and Lyft are not considered comparable services because their vehicles and drivers are not inspected or background checked in the same manner by a police department as our drivers are on a regular basis. While our guarantee applies only to similar like companies, we are happy to say that in many cases for sedans and all cases for vans, our prices are below those of both Uber and Lyft. We will  guarantee our prices for van service on long distances to beat Uber or Lyft's price 24/7 including with or without their surge pricing and NO booking fees! Again, it is part of our higher standards to you to offer the most value for the best price guaranteed! Our prices on long distances are generally the best in the area and if it isn't, just let us know and we well fix it! Our dependable drivers are committed to making sure you get to the airport, train, bus or wherever you are going safely and on time. WHY NOT TRY US OUT TODAY?


PLEASE NOTE: Prices are determined by time and distance estimated to complete your transportation and the type vehicle required. Door to door prices are not based on the number of riders and normally you should expect a sedan for up to 3 passengers and a van for 4 or more unless specifically requested. We may send a van for smaller groups if a van is not reserved elsewhere for no additional charge as a courtesy as they are more comfortable for longer distances and everyone loves the captain's chairs! Your exact price will be based on the information you provide at time of booking and your price will be guaranteed at the time of booking and may be slightly higher, lower or the same as prices shown based on your request. Tolls that are $1.00 or more are additional. Tolls less than $1.00 are generally included in the rate. Tolls for both ways are required for trips outside of Virginia. Receipts are always available for payment by cash or credit card and will include any tolls or gratuities when requested.

**Door to Door Direct**

Lynchburg to Washington Dulles or Reagan (1 Way) - $300 cash or $325 credit card, regular price $420

Richmond to Baltimore (1 Way) - $250 cash or $275 credit card, regular price $360

***Richmond Airport to Newport News (1 Way) - $100 cash or $115 credit card, regular price $200

*** Richmond  Downtown to Washington Dulles (1 Way) - $175 cash or $200 credit card, regular price $300 but wait, see the new SPECIAL offer ABOVE ...LOOK FOR THE $$$!

Please note - Destinations that are South of the James River or beyond the immediate Richmond Metro area and/or have multiple stops may be S10 - $25 more. Prices can vary as greater distances like Midlothian or Mosely will be higher than Glen Allen or Mechanicsville.

This may not apply if eligible for special offer... restrictions apply.

***Richmond Downtown to Washington Reagan (1 Way) - $175 cash or $200 credit card, regular price $300 but wait, see the new SPECIAL offer ABOVE .. LOOK FOR THE $$$!

***Richmond Airport to Williamsburg (1 Way) - $90 cash or $100 credit card, regular price $125

Richmond Airport to Virginia Beach (1 Way) - $175 cash or $200 credit card, regular price $270

Roanoke to Washington Dulles or Reagan (1 Way) - $350 cash or $375 credit card, regular price $560

Virginia Beach to Dulles or Reagan (1 Way) - $350 cash or $375 credit card, regular price $555



Washington Dulles / Reagan from / to Durham NC (Either Way) - $425 cash or $450 credit card
from / to Raleigh NC - $425 cash or $450 credit card
from / to Chapel Hill NC - $425 cash or $450 credit card

WE ALSO GO BETWEEN RICHMOND and the TRI-CITIES - $250 cash or $275 credit card

regular rates vary from $677 - $731


With the exception of the Washington, DC / NOVA / MD Suburbs, prices are the same for coming or going of all areas we travel. Please note that the *** before certain destinations indicates our most requested popular trips and extra  discounts beyond 1/3 off the standard rates.

If you don't see an area listed ABOVE, please call us at 804-839-8400. We have "wheels wheeling" to travel anywhere and everywhere! Do we go from your town to another area? JUST CALL US! WE GO TO AND FROM SO MANY DIFFERENT TOWNS AND CITIES THAT IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO LIST THEM ALL HERE. You can also CHECK OUT many of our RATES for different towns by CLICKING on www.gentlemantaxi.com. This link from our sister website goes directly to the page where several destinations and their rates are listed. Prices for longer distances are based per type vehicle, not per passenger. Vans are available and generally no more than $25 above the price of sedans and in some cases are the same. We will work with you and your budget to get you a price you can afford while allowing us to maintain our excellence in safety and quality. We are happy to answer any questions you may have so call us or please use our contact page here on our site.


804-839-8400 DIRECT LINE

TOLL FREE at 1-866-668-8549

TEXT / WHATS APP 804-839-8400

EMAIL - tpeyton1216@gmail.com